Álamos Sewing Workshop


The goal of the Project is to develop a self sufficient garment sewing workshop in three years. In addition, women who participate in the project will be able to use the qualification to work on their own.

The project is sponsored and supported by Knorr-Bremse Global Care e. V. – Non-profit institution that provides support to people in need, who are in a state of emergency due to climatic disasters, accidents, war, poverty and disease. The main concern of the institution is to improve the situation of life and to foment the autonomy of people in need. At the heart of the work of Knorr-Bremse Global Care e. V. education and social infrastructure projects are developed, as well as direct assistance to those in need.

During the inauguration ceremony at the ProBrasil Arts House, the project board was also unveiled.

The following were also present: Mr. Uwe Felipe Weibrecht – President of the ProBrasil Association, Executive of Knorr -Bremse AG – Dr. Heinz Hermann Thiele and his wife Alair Gerich, Knorr Assistant Manager – Mathilde Pinto, German Entrepreneurs: Mr. Gerd Thien and Stephan G. Thien, Judge member of TRE-PI – Dr. Agrimar Rodrigues de Araújo, Managers of ProBrasil Association, and local community.

About the Project

The project was born of the observation and experience of the organization with the population and the local reality, which offers few opportunities for training and income generation for unemployed and low income individuals and where the network of public and private equipment are insufficient making it difficult to human, economic and social development in the region.

The project has as target public, unemployed or low-income women and men, residents of the district of Parelheiros and neighboring regions. It will last for 03 years, and can be extended indefinitely, while producing actions that benefit the population, and it offers workshops for professional training in sewing and cutting.