“Aprender a Ser” Project (Learn to be Project)

The Aprender a Ser Project was born from the observation and experience of the organization with the local population facing the social conditions that the region offers – extremely high social vulnerability, the distance from the city center of São Paulo, exposure to social risk factors such as: Urban violence, drug use and trafficking, shortage of day care centers / schools, community centers and lack of access to cultural training and projects that enable the knowledge of arts and other cultures.

The Aprender a Ser  project aims to promote the human formation of children and adolescents of the Jardim dos Álamos community, aiming to develop their personal skills, socio-educational-cultural inclusion. This is done through classes in human training, art (dance, theater, handicrafts), sports activities (capoeira), digital inclusion workshops, reading circles, sarau and storytelling. The students will also have citizenship activities, which will allow them to learn the axes of health, sexuality, ethnic racial diversity, environmental education.

The activities are held at the Technological and Cultural Center of the Association, from Monday to Friday, in two periods in the school, from 9 a.m to 11 a.m and from 2 p.m to 4 p.m. The activities are coordinated by a Child Development Assistant and professional volunteers (1 teacher of capoeira, 1 teacher of contemporary dance and 1 teacher of handicrafts).

The target are children and adolescents from 6 to 12 years old of the Jardim dos Álamos community. About fifty children / adolescents are currently being treated daily.

By fulfilling its social role as a Non-Governmental Organization and in complementarity with public policies, we believe that the project contributes to the psychosocial development of the public served and to reducing the exposure of the social risks that the region offers, such as violence, Pregnancy in adolescence, drug trafficking, among others. This project, in addition to removing children and adolescents from the streets when they are out of school, thus reducing exposure to social risk factors, offers knowledge and possibilities to increase knowledge of oneself and the world and to transform the Personal and social reality in a dreamed life.