The ProBrasil Association implemented another project in Piauí. This time the municipality was Picos, which received the project “Art on the Periphery” on August 16, 2012, which served directly to the communities of the municipality, with workshops and cultural presentations for people of all ages.

The art-culture project facilitated the promotion and access to culture, encouraged the development of personal skills present in the community, as well as socio-educational-cultural inclusion, thus reducing exposure to situations of social risk.

During the semester, mime, dance (Hip-Hop and forró) and theater classes were offered, with presentations at the end of each month (always last Saturday), as well as a cultural week, which took place in December, groups of ProBrasil and others in the city.

The mime workshops were aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 24; Hip-Hop, for children aged 10 to 15, who participated in the cultural presentation on the last Saturday of the month; theater classes, a time for adults to become children again, expressing creativity and working on body language.

Forró classes were also given for the best age, and the members participated in a cultural presentation on the last Saturday of the month. For cultural afternoons, the project invested in the exhibition of films and educational lectures, with the objective of offering tools in favor of the quality of life and the prevention of diseases.

During the cultural week, at the end of the project, a working partnership was established with the purpose of building a relationship with the communities so that they could access the projects of the Organization and benefit from the activities offered.