Basecamp / Exchange


To make the exchange student experience the reality of the periphery, to create a bond with the people of the community and to develop a social work according to the reality of each one.

About the Project

In Jardim dos Alamos we have a large community, known as campo. In it reside people in high index of vulnerability. People do not have a fixed address, do not receive correspondence, do not have basic sanitation. The going of health professionals is rare. With this in mind, the ProBrasil Association decided to create a project so that the exchange students can experience what it is like to live in a community and from that, they can develop works that contribute to a better quality of life.



  • 1998 Child development worker – Ammunition and social rehabilitation service home Meimei
  • 2009 Child Development Assistant –  Pequeno Príncipe Community Association
  • 2010 Work with Monte Azul Association at Rudolf Steiner College – Switzerland
  • 2010  Aprender a ser Project – ProBrasil Association
  • 2016 Coordinator Basecamp Jardim dos Álamos

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Basecamp was inaugurated on 11/05/2016 and currently serves 40 children and teenagers with English language courses and socio-educational activities.

The space also serves as support to the Family Social Assistance Service (SASF) for meetings and services to the families of the community.