Basecamp Nordeste

A Base Camp is a camp that serves as a preparation area, meeting point or area to provide resources for larger activities such as mountaineering. In this sense BaseCamp Nordeste will be the basis for social projects in conjunction with the local community.

ProBrasil’s Northeast BaseCamp is located 15 km far from the town of Picos in the rural area of the municipality and is located in the middle of a traditional community with around 150 families. ProBrasil has created from BaseCamp a platform for interested volunteers from all over the world to create an unprecedented experience in the interior of the Northeast.
The BaseCamp Nordeste was opened in 2013 and has hosted volunteers from the Germany – Piauí Health Cooperation program, our capoeira teacher Adriano (a.k.a. Hair) and young people interested mainly from Germany.
In the Gameleira dos Rodrigues community ProBrasil has already carried out several projects as a support for the construction of the Association of Small Rural Producers of Gameleira headquarters, a project with Itaú Social to equip a computer room, support for the construction of an antenna that enables internet access, guitar lessons, capoeira and much more.