CCA Recreio & Roschel

The CCA is a service to the Municipal Department of Assistance and Social Development (SMADS), which aims to serve children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years old, in situations of social vulnerability.
We serve 120 learners residents of the neighbourhood of the district of Parelheiros and we attend the districts Parque Recreio, Vila Roschel, Chácara Eldorado.
The CCA develops socio-educational actions among children and adolescents through workshops distributed throughout the week with an average duration of 1 to 4 hours per week.

Implemented projects

Among the workshops offered are play and toys, cooperative games, plastic arts, dance, capoeira and theater. We also provide cultural and leisure tours, play workshops, parties and events that promote social interaction with families and the whole community.
As a result of the partnership with the Barrichello Institute we also implemented the Rodas Turbinadas project and Esporte para a Cultura de Paz.


CCA Activities and Workshops

Rodas Turbinadas

The name of the project is ” Turbo Wheels” and has its roots in the Pedagogy of the Enchantment. The idea is to engage in activities that instigate young people to participate in them, discussing concepts and issues of personal and social relevance. Resuming: the goal is to talk about something serious in a fun, playful and participative way.

Esporte para a Cultura de Paz  (Sport for the Culture of Peace Project)

It promotes sports, social participation and citizenship for human development with children, adolescents and young people.
The project focuses on serving the most vulnerable groups within the family, the main cell of society: children, adolescents.

English Workshop

The purpose of the English workshop is to engage learners with their learning process using playful English-language resources to interact and communicate, orally or in writing, in different situations.

Dance Workshop

We seek to conduct a practice on body awareness and then ask ourselves about its importance when we dance. The workshop addresses fundamental exercises on sensoriality, proposing the discovery of the body.

Theater Workshop

The theater, whether in the pedagogical or artistic aspect, assisted or staged, assists the child in its cultural growth and in its formation as an individual.