Costurando Novas Perspectivas

The project Costurando Novas Perspectivas of the Association Probrasil, sponsored by the foundation Volkswagen

The project Costurando Novas Perspectivas has contributed to develop the potential of its members, it has increased their self-esteem, stimulated autonomy and income generation, consequently, allowed new perspectives of social transformation.

In particular, it highlighted the importance of the consolidation of women-entrepreneurs-solidarity in the labor market. The popular solidarity economy is an expanding area that recognizes the value of women’s work, especially those who live in situations of social vulnerability, who undertake their workforce to produce social changes.

Technical Specifications

Project Creation: Odair Andrade; Denise Aruresco; Andreia Benevenuto

Project’s coordenador: Ubirajara Lacerda

Cutting and Sewing Teacher: Solange Costa

Teachers of the theoretical course: Ubirajara Lacerda, Odair Andrade, Andréa Benevenuto, Henrique R. Garcia