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Do you want to be a volunteer?

Donate Money

ProBrasil is a non-profit organization or party or religious ties. For several years, it has been working to deepen democracy, fighting inequalities and social exclusion and defending the human rights of all, without discrimination of race, ethnicity, gender and age. Your participation is very important to strengthen and ensure the continuity of our work.

So we invite you to make a difference and join ProBrasil. By joining the ProBrasil Association, in addition to promoting social inclusion and solidary citizenship, you also contribute to education, professional training, health promotion and income generation of families in situations of social vulnerability. By participating, you will also be demonstrating your commitment to the urgent social change of our country. We count on you.

Collaborate financially in the maintenance and expansion of our work and the construction of citizenship.

It is simple and safe.

Alternatively, you can also make a deposit in one of the following ProBrasil accounts:

CNPJ: 03.783.381/0001-10 

Banco do Brasil
Ag.: 1504-0
C.C.: 40.000-9

Ag.: 1442-7
C.C.: 83.008-9 

CNPJ: 03.783.381/0002-00 

Banco do Brasil 
Ag.: 254-2
C.C.: 60.000-8