Literacy and Art


This project aims to provide knowledge and use of letters, words, phrases and texts, numbers, quantities and sets; Enrich the development of oral skills; To foment the eagerness for knowledge, for the understanding of what is in the register of the written and numerical symbols; To provide the exchange between the diverse cultural expressions of the course’s participants; To value the freedom of creation through proposals for written, manual and craft work; Rescue and enhance traditional customs through games, games and storytelling; To relate numerical units to proposed work and activities (quantify); Contextualize the activities of reading, writing and mathematics with artistic activities.

About the Project

The project aims to empower women who take courses in sewing and patchwork, and who do not know the world of letters and numbers. Many of them come from rural areas and have low educational level;

All work will be developed through the use of materials such as: books, magazines, recipes, manuals, molds, tape measure, fabrics, needles, lines, paints, beads, etc .; Formation of pairs and / or groups for the exchange of experiences and experiences; Making of materials involving the object of learning and the artistic side; Creation of words, phrases and texts using various materials, by cutting or painting on fabrics and other materials; Creation of abacus with beads, wood; Creation of course games in fabric, wood, floor and other spaces and materials; Confection of their own name and / or words, in fabric, forming mobiles and other decorative materials.


Hay Vasconcelos

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The evaluation of the work will be continuous, through:

  • Daily observation of the participation and involvement of apprentices in the proposed activities;
  • Presentation of the work done by the apprentices themselves

Hours of Operation: Monday from 08h00 to 11h00
Pedagogues: Profa. Silvia Helena da Silva Schunck Brandino e Profa. Cecília