The  Art House has patchwork courses with one of the largest patchwork designers in Brazil – Airton Spengler.

Airton Spengler, who is graduated in Fashion Designer at the School of Fashion Design (Boston / 2000) and he is also graduated in Fashion Designer at Paulista University (São Paulo).

Much has been said about Patchwork in Brazil. The growth of the sector is worldwide visible and has been transforming the productive process into world economy.

Working with Patchwork involves attitudes that are not limited to sewing geometric shapes. Inspiration must be based on solid knowledge that should result in aesthetic and commercial product, requiring the professional, versatility and creativity to incorporate innovations in the work process, in order to produce with originality, introducing new concepts and deepening knowledge.

In their courses the students learn how to execute and think the patchwork in the right way, thus allowing them to create works with the “own style”. The work of the designer has a highly accurate technique, with perfect averse, an elaboration of wonderful colors, developed throughout his work as a stylist and the artistic references he carries. His didactics allows an excellent understanding for beginners or advanced in the art of patchwork.

The aim of the course is to enable the participant to develop a spatial vision regarding patchwork, starting from the construction, placement of geometric shapes, colors, contrasts, combinations of motifs, prints and textile patterns. (Working hours: 32 hours).

The course allows the participant to create a final work with an increasing degree of complexity, using the resources of demonstrative dialog classes with demonstration (DEMO), practical classes that involve the step-by-step creation of a patchwork-panel .