Polyclinic – Picos Medical Assistance Center (CAMPI)


Strengthening public health in the northeast by providing health services to the 340,000 inhabitants of the Picos / Piauí macroregion

About the Project

The interior of the Brazilian Northeast has been suffering until today by the lack of public health services. The existing services do not meet the demand for medical specialties. In conjunction with the responsible public agents (municipal and state), this project provides assistance to about 340,000 inhabitants of the macro region of Picos, 320 km far from the capital Teresina. The polyclinic project was conceived in 2006 through a partnership of the ProBrasil Association with the Municipal Health Department of Picos. As of 2008, the State Secretariat of Health of Piauí entered as a partner through the proposal to interconnect the polyclinic with the new regional hospital (under construction). On October 10, 2009, the polyclinic building was inaugurated in the presence of Governor Wellington Dias, with the then Mayor of Picos, Gil Medeiros and the President of the ProBrasil Association, Uwe Weibrecht. Because of the resistance of the private sector against the expansion of the public health services in Picos, the service began only on April 1, 2014. Since then the polyclinic has performed more than 20,000 specialized medical consultations for a population that lives in conditions of high social vulnerability and that depends on the Unified Health System (SUS). The administration of the polyclinic is carried out through the social organization “Picos Medical Assistance Center – CAMPI”, which brings together representatives of the State Government, the Municipal Government of Picos, academic education institutions and organized civil society. ProBrasil is a co-founder of CAMPI and is represented on the organization’s board of directors.



  • 1999 Nurse by the nursing school “Marien-Hospital” Düsseldorf in Germany
  • 2004 Bachelor’s degree in history at the University of Düsseldorf
  • 2006 MBA Management and Social Entrepreneurship at FIA / USP – São Paulo
  • 2014 Master of Public Administration – Master of Public Management – Global Public Policy at University of Potsdam / Germany

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20.000 attendances since 04/01/2014; It attends 8 specialties (surgery, pediatrics, etc etc) –

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 08 AM until 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 12 PM, the polyclinic team has 48 people, attendance 100% SUS at no cost to the user.