ProBrasil Mission

Developing a fraternal and eco-socially sustainable life with families and communities through culture, education, citizenship and appreciation of the environment.


Creating  sustainable living from the needs of the local communities in an integrated way with the global context.

Future vision

“Parelheiros The São Paulo’ s Garden”

  • Strengthening of the community;
  • Organic agriculture / Rural area;
  • Environmental observatory;
  • Preserved areas;
  • Center for research, studies and exchange;
  • Theater, and cinema – and art development;
  • Ecotourism.

Principles and Values

  1. Confidence
  2. Equality in relationships
  3. Valuing diversity (being curiosious, developing awareness and wonder).
  4. Seeking for the sustainability of everything.
  5. Autonomy, proactivity and persistence.
  6. Transparency (accountability, being courageous to communicate what we do).
  7. Empathy / compassion.
  8. Solidarity.
  9. Seeking for  people’s autonomy (potentiality with responsibility).
  10. The art of imperfection.

Board of Directors

Uwe Weibrecht

Kátia Maria Senise Martinho Rabelo

Luiz Alberto Rabelo

Carlos Enrique Ruiz Garcia

Antonio Pereira dos Santos

0dailmo Silva de Andrade / Edson Rodrigues Passos


Composed for 29 employees:

01 General Manager
02 Service Managers
01 Communication Analyst
02 Technical Assistants
01 Aux. Administrative
02 Social Workers
01 Psychologist
01 Pedagogue
13 Guiding Educational Partner
01 Cook

04 Operational agents


Our history

The ProBrasil Association is a non-profit organization that began its work in November 1999, with the objective of creating and supporting programs that are fundamental for the human and social development of families.

Since 2000, ProBrasil has implemented several social projects in the region of Parelheiros, located in the extreme south of the city of São Paulo, serving the population living in conditions of high social vulnerability, offering residents of this community socio-educational and cultural activities.

ProBrasil’s main mission is to promote social inclusion and solidary citizenship through education, professional training, health promotion and income-generating programs, generating the well-being of poor communities, as well as supporting their struggles for survival in the search for a better and more dignified life, and achieving their independence.

Among the objectives of the entity are: to promote care in the area of education, health and social promotion of communities at risk and social vulnerability; discovering and supporting the initiatives of the members of poor communities themselves, which aim to improve their lives; Creating and developing programs wich are necessary for the well-being of the communities served; carring out financial campaigns of municipal, state, federal and international scope, aiming to raise funds destined to assist in the execution of works of assistance and those financed by “ProBrasil”; establishing partnerships with related entities and with the municipal, state, federal and international public authorities.

In 2008, the ProBrasil Association arrived in the State of Piauí, where it currently has a regional office in the municipality of Picos, where it receives the support of partner Förderverein ProBrasil. In Piauí, the association already has important work done to the community, especially in the health area. One of the first partnerships was with the Ministry of Health and the State Department of Health of Piauí to reform, expand and equip the dermatological clinic of Hospital Getúlio Vargas (HGV), reopened in October 2008, after undergoing a series of improvements In its structure, doubling the capacity of daily attendance. ProBrasil, in cooperation system, donated to the Hospital equipment for the dermatological clinic delivered last year.

ProBrasil also carries out work in the region of the municipality of Cocal (PI), hit by the rupture of the Algodões I dam, which left hundreds homeless. In the project for the region, ProBrasil assisted in the construction of a Flour House, of fundamental importance in the generation of income for the families of the Boíba village in Cocal.

One of the most important projects supported by ProBrasil in Piauí is the construction of the Picos Polyclinic. Project conducted jointly with the Municipal Health Department of Picos and the State Department of Health of Piauí. Through the Policlínica, SUS can improve care in the Picos region, as well as increasing the offer of diagnostic procedures, such as tomography and mammography.

The Polyclinic was built with donations from Germany, through the ProBrasil Association. The purpose of the project is to provide health services to 60 municipalities, with about 500 thousand inhabitants, that make up the macro-region of Picos, the second largest in Piauí. In 2011, the venture received its first equipment for operation. Among the new equipment are: treadmill, stringer type seats, birôs, chairs and cabinets. The Policlínica is one of the largest projects of the ProBrasil Association in Piauí

In São Paulo, the ProBrasil Association also has projects such as: Telecentro (Agreement signed with the Municipal Communication Secretariat, which allowed the installation of computers with Internet access in the Association ProBrasil in Jardim dos Álamos for free use of the local community); Project Sewing New Perspectives (Cutting and sewing project approved and financed by the Volkswagen Foundation); Crochê workshop (the crochet workshop has as main objective to professionally train participants in the art of crochet and enable the generation of income, autonomy and strengthening of family ties); Community library; Therapeutic Massage Workshop; Capoeira Workshop; Contemporary dance; Gymnastics and Stretching Workshop; Project Interacting with Knowing; Family / SASF Action Program.


Become a ProBrasil volunteer


  • Research on subjects (citizenship, education, socio-environmental projects
  • Writing news stories
  • Search for image providers (cartoons, photos, pictures, etc.)
  • Sending letters or own production articles

  • Interviews with Directors and counselours of ProBrasil
  • Interviews with leaders in education and citizenship/list_item]
  • Technical contribution (maintenance, new technologies)
  • Distribution of news for social networks on the internet
  • Search for partnerships with social networks on the internet

PROMOTE ProBrasil:

  • Envio de Boletins para listas próprias
  • Captação de Associados (campanhas de novos sócios)
  • Captação de recursos
  • Busca de patrocínios para viabilizar projetos e programas
  • Busca de contribuições de PJs e PFs
  • Organização de eventos como exposições, leilões, jantares, etc
  • Busca de parcerias
  • Contatos com ONGs, poder público, movimentos sociais
  • Contatos com entidades sociais p/ descoberta de projetos p/ realização conjunta
  • Inserção internacional da ProBrasil (contatos, parcerias, troca de informações)


  • PPreparation of projects (research, writing, presentations)
  • Preparation of presentations (power-point, videos, leaflets, etc.)
  • Support in events (graduations, launches, meetings, presentations)
  • Support in logistics, photographic coverage, secretariat, etc.)
  • Legal support for preparation or analysis of contracts and legal documents
  • Administrative support – database organization
  • New ideas – design and feasibility

Knowing about our volunteers