Delivery of equipment to the Dermatological Clinic of HGV – 11/23/2008

In Piauí, the ProBrasil Association has been present since 2006 and it has made important contributions to the social development of the state with several support projects, especially in the health area.

One of the first partnerships of ProBrasil was carried out with the Ministry of Health and the Health State Department of Piauí for the reform, extension and equipment of the dermatological clinic of Hospital Getúlio Vargas (HGV), the largest public hospital in the Piauí State.

In the 10/23/2008 the  Dermatologic Clinic was inaugurated in the presence of authorities such as the governor-in-office, Themistocles Sampaio, the Secretary of Health of the Piauí State, Assis Carvalho, the General Director of HGV, Dr. Noe Fortes and the President Of the ProBrasil Association, Uwe Weibrecht.

The ProBrasil Association delivered equipment in the amount of R $ 130,882.50. The basis of this cooperation is an agreement between ProBrasil and the HGV that the director of the Getúlio Vargas Hospital, Noé Fortes, signed on 09/12/2008.

In addition to the financial partnership between the Ministry of Health, State Health Secretariat and ProBrasil Association, the Clinic reform project involved technical cooperation between the HGV and the Lauro de Souza Lima Institute in Bauru / SP. This partnership was also developed by the ProBrasil Association. This cooperation consists in the elaboration and implantation of instruments of control and evaluation of the physical capacity of the person affected by leprosy.

The objective of the reform is to provide a technological modernization of the Dermatological Clinic – Reference Center for Leprosy, in order to guarantee specialized and integral assistance to the users affected by the disease, with humanized care and provision of disability prevention services, as well as rehabilitation and recovery .

The clinic will have a multiprofessional team trained for surgical rehabilitation, composed by dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon, ophthalmologist, rheumatologist / eletroneurophysiologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and nurse.

The acting governor, Themistocles Sampaio, highlighted the Government’s attention to improve and humanize health in Piauí. The governor has a project running to improve the health of Piauí, he said.

The work is a successful example of a technical cooperation between the Health Department, the HGV, the Ministry of Health, the ProBrasil Association and the Lauro de Sousa Lemo Institute, in Bauru – SP, a national reference in the treatment of leprosy.