SASF – Family Social Assistance Service


Strengthening the family’s protective function, preventing injuries that may lead to the breaking of family and social ties and developing actions with the elderly and people with disabilities, given the need to prevent confinement and isolation through social protection at home.

About the Project

Implemented since May 1, 2011 in partnership with SMADS the new service: “Social Assistance to Family and Social Protection in the Territory” – SASF is part of the national classification of social assistance services of the basic protection network. The Service is of extreme importance for a region that has a high index of social vulnerability. With the work we have been able to mobilize more of the local community, with the Secretariats, local entities and community leaders, which facilitates the articulation of a well structured and strengthened network. In the neighborhoods that are served by the SASF there are Associations of Residents, Churches, that develop social assistance activities and that make available their physical spaces for the work in partnership with SASF – Service of Social Assistance to the Family and Basic Social Protection in the Domicile, and with the Families, contributing to personal transformation and community strengthening as well as neighborhood improvements.



  • 1987 – Teaching– Colégio Dimensão
  • 1992 – Social service – Unisa
  • 2001- Senac -The Professional Education is Guaranteed to Youth Access and permanence in the labor market.
  • 2003 – Center for Orientation and Training of Women – Course of Legal Promoters
  • 2012 – Training for the Assistance to People with Disabilities and the Interface with the Social Assistance Policy – APAE

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The goal of providing care is 1000 families and individuals and social protection at home for elderly people and people with disabilities.

Openng hours:  from Monday to Friday, from 08h a.m. to 6 p.m. It counts on professionals hired by the CLT regime (Consolidation of Labor Laws), with a workload of 40 hours per week, to attend to 1000 families / month.

  • 01 Service Manager II – Graduated;
  • 04 Technicians: 2 with training in Social Work and 1 with training in Psychology and 1 graduated in Pedagogy;
  • 08 Socio-educational counselors, high school
  • 01 Administrative Assistant: high school ;