SOS Cocal

In May 2009, the Algodões dam in Piauí broke and a 20-meter-high water wave destroyed hundreds of homes, leaving 2,000 people homeless.

The ProBrasil Association, chaired by Uwe Weibrecht, inaugurated on December 18, 2010, the Flour House in the municipality of Cocal. The inauguration was attended by the entire community of Boíba, located in the rural area of the region, the population that was most affected during the rupture of the Algodões Dam, in May 2009; As well as the  local authorities and partners who contributed to the development of the project.

The project has advanced equipment, which will increase the production of flour, providing the expansion of production and consequently the income of the families, which until that moment did not have any activity to survive. According to the president – founder of the ProBrasil Association, Uwe Weibrecht, this project is the recognition that ProBrasil and its partners help to create projects that develop the State, helping to increase the economy, seeking through citizenship and solidarity to improve the life of the population Lacking Piauí, in the constant search to help build a better future.

The Flour House will serve around 100 families in the region and will be supported by the community leaders of Frecheira de São Pedro, Angico Branco and Boíba. The residents assisted by the project also went through technical courses where they learned to operate the new machinery, starting a self-sustaining cooperative of manioc flour production.

Only in Teresina, the ProBrasil has already accounted for significant achievements since its foundation. The first achievement in Piauí was the donation of equipment to the Dermatology Clinic of Getulio Vargas Hospital (HGV), which, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Health Department of the State of Piauí, reformed, expanded and equipped the clinic, which was re-inaugurated in October 2008, after undergoing a series of improvements in its structure, doubling the number of services performed.