Violão Canção (Guitar Song Project)

On 02/06/2013 the solemnity of delivery of the equipment of the project “Violão Canção” (Guitar Song Project) happened. He also started the first class of the project, starting the cycle and a year of studies.

The project consists of the acquisition of equipment and the implementation of musical professionalization courses. The classes began initially with courses in guitar and electric guitar, and it is planned to implement a choir for presentations. With the initial participation of 30 inmates, the project will last one year and has the support of the Secretariat of Justice and the leader of the PJDB – Men’s Penitentiary of Picos José de Deus Barros, Mr. Sinval Hipólito Gonzaga.

Uwe Weibrecht, president of ProBrasil, believes that “it is a duty of civil society to develop activities to support the re-socialization of the prisoner, thus minimizing recidivism in crimes.”

The work with prisoners aims to prepare them for a return to society, making prison treatment a bit more humanized.

The writer of the project, Executive Secretary of the ProBrasil Association, Rudson Liduíno, talks about how the idea was born: “I was invited by my friend Rômulo Braga from Grupo Esperança Viva, of which I have been a member for several years, to attend a meeting in Picos penitentiary. There we talked with some detainees, among them Mr. Lourival da Silva Ramos Júnior, who showed interest in learning to play guitar. Thus was born the idea for the creation of the project, a request of a prisoner. ”

The project coordinator, services assistant, Mrs. Alice Rufino Costa comments on the great acceptance of inmates for the project: “We immediately had a list of dozens of interested inmates, now we will have to make another selection taking into account the aptitude Musical background of each and the profile of becoming a future duplicator. ”

Initially, the pilot project was implemented only in the PJDB, with the possibility of extending the project to other state prison units.

The State Secretary of Justice, Henrique Rebelo, visited the penitentiary José de Deus Barros, on Tuesday (06). At the opportunity, the secretary signed Cooperation Terms with entities that will collaborate with the prison system of Picos.

According to Henrique Rebelo, through these agreements signed with the Municipal Health Secretariat, R.Sá Faculty, Associação ProBrasil and Empresa Carreiro, routine actions will be developed that will contribute to the improvement of the Penitentiary. “These agreements will be very beneficial to the prison population in this prison, the inmates will leave the idleness and, consequently, will have a formation to, after being free, to enter the labor market.”

According to the state secretary of Justice, the ProBrasil Association will implement the project Guitar Song.

Uwe Weibrecht, president of ProBrasil, said that the project “Guitar Song” seeks to support the resocialization of detainees and consists of the acquisition of musical instruments, equipment and implementation of cours