With the purpose of supporting the re-socialization of inmates with the implementation of musical professionalization courses, in addition to the acquisition of musical instruments, the ProBrasil Association inaugurated on February 6, 2013, in partnership with the Secretariat of Justice, Municipal Health Secretariat, Faculty R And the director of PJDB: Sinval Hipólito Gonzaga, the project “Violão Canção” to attend the José de Deus Barros (PJDB) Men ‘s Penitentiary in Picos – Piauí.

Initially, the pilot project was implemented only in the PJDB, with the possibility of extension to other prison units of the State being foreseen, with the participation of 30 inmates only, but there was a list with dozens of interested inmates awaiting the selection for other classes. Classes began with courses in guitar and guitar, with the later idea of ​​creating a choir for presentations.

According to Uwe Weibrecht, president of ProBrasil, it is a duty of civil society to develop activities to support the re-socialization of the prisoner, thus minimizing recidivism in crimes, as well as preparing him for a return to society, making prison treatment a little more humanized .

The Guitar Song was born from a request from a detainee, Mr. Lourival da Silva Ramos Júnior, who showed interest in learning to play guitar. The project went on for 1 year.