Volunteering & AIESEC

We believe that by encouraging local volunteerism and social exchange we value the sharing of cultural experience and humanitarian citizenship.

Social Exchange

In partnership with AIESEC the exchange students spend 6 weeks in the organization, engaged in the social cause, participating in and developing social activities in the communities where we work.

Smarketing Project

Aiming at creating and improving all communication of social organizations, the Smarketing project works to boost the growth of organizations and their positioning, where international volunteers carry out plans of marketing, construction of visual identity, organization and management of websites and social media, events Fundraising, dissemination and positioning of the product / service in the city.

X4Change Project

The X4Change Project seeks to help ONGs in the real needs of each institution and to stimulate children in the interest of other cultures, on the importance of voluntary work, positively impacting the life of each one.