“Tecendo o Ser” (Weaving Being Project)


Providing participants with a space for themselves, where they will be offered reflections on their own lives, favoring protagonism and autonomy, through the offering of artistic resources in which they can come into contact with their identities, potentialities and self-esteem recovery.

About the Project

According to the demand presented by the teachers of sewing, some students presented derogatory comments about themselves and their performances in the practice of cutting and sewing, as well as present some difficulties of relationship between them. This work becomes important, considering that they are participating in a professional and technical course, in which autonomy and confidence in themselves is necessary for professional practice, as well as for a life with greater quality and meaning. Group activities will tend to facilitate reflections on interpersonal relationships, cooperation and appreciation of the differences.


The group Weaving Being will be accomplished through conversation circles, expressive activities with artistic features: music, myths, tales and stories, drawing, painting, collage, sewing, etc. Being the artistic ways of making access to the creative potential. According to CIORNAI (2004):

“The artistic work favors the contact with the most positive aspects of each one because through it we can get in touch with our own beauty, our own strength and sensitivity. In creating beauty, harmony, delicacy the person comes into contact with these qualities in themselves; When expressing anger, revolt, indignation, the person perceives the strength of his personal power. And by giving expression to their creative power, people are not only proud of what they did as they reveal themselves, going from a self-critical attitude to a more positive attitude of curiosity about themselves. “(P.82)


Tecendo o Ser – The Name

The word “Tecer” (weave) and its meaning leads us to think of building a structure with wires. Their synonyms are intertwining, plotting, braiding, spinning. Since sewing is an activity performed by the participants of the group in the cutting and sewing course, therefore an activity known in a practical way.

The name of the group alludes to the goal of the group that is the rescue of the protagonism, where it becomes important to tinker with one’s life, where one builds what one wishes. With this, the meetings with women aim to facilitate reflections about their identities, their stories, their hopes and their dreams.