Eva van Koolwijk

My name is Eva van Koolwijk, I am 18 years old and live in Duesseldorf in Germay. This summer I graduated from High School and decided not to start studying directly. One the one hand I was not sure what I would like to study and on the other I needed some time away from my daily life. Abroad I can combine both aspects: Probably get sure about what I like to do and get to know a different culture.

Why Probrasil?

I have known Probrasil nearly my whole life because of my Mother Martina, who was an active member of Probrasil at the beginning.  In the last months I often thought about what to do after finishing school and I really wanted to see where my mother went more than 15 years ago. Another aspect is the social work of Probrasil which I am very interested in. During my voluntary work I get the chance to get an impression of different work fields.

How can I help?

I love to work with children: play with them, talk to them (as far as possible) – just being part of their daily life.

In order to that I would like to show them games, cook or bake with them or introduce them to parts of the German Culture. All in all I just like to spend my time with them.

Another very interesting and important part of Probrasil is SASF. As a voluntary I have got the chance to visit with the SASF team families who really need help.

By publicizing reports about the families in need we hope to find donors in Germany.

Finally I hope to get an impression of the work of the whole organization and an idea about  how to help at exactly the right place.

Team Information

 Age number: 18
 Phone: 123 – 4567 – 8901
 Email: yourmail@gmail.com